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Replace the probe (electrode) rather than the whole meter!

Easy to clean, low maintenance, gel filled (non-refillable) range of pH and soil pH replacement probes suitable for any meter, monitor or controller with a BNC fitting. Measure the pH of a water-based liquid, nutrient solution, soil solution or directly test soil pH.

Bluelab have specifically designed a replacement conductivity probe, temperature probe and pH probe with ATC for use with the Dosetronic Controller only. These probes cannot be used with any other Bluelab product.

All probes come with a 2 meter / 6.56 foot standard cable.

Replacement Probes

These Bluelab instruments are a sensitive electronic devices, and can be affected by electrical disturbances or surges caused by the switching ON and OFF of nearby equipment such as pumps, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, lighting ballasts and other powered equipment. For this reason Bluelab recommend that you use an external surge protector for additional protection from possible electrical surges