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The handy pens range has been specially developed as an affordable and effective option for hobby or small scale growers.

We have developed the latest innovation for digital hand-held meters and the ultimate handy solution for measuring pH, conductivity (ppm /EC) and temperature. Measuring these three key factors of nutrient solution, soil or media will help you grow great plants.

You’ll know right from the palm of your hand what adjustments are needed to your system so you can create the best nutrient environment. These clever little pens make it easy to manage the success of your crops.

Now, isn’t that handy?


Bluelab pH Pen
Bluelab Soil pH Pen
Bluelab Grower's Toolbox

These Bluelab instruments are a sensitive electronic devices, and can be affected by electrical disturbances or surges caused by the switching ON and OFF of nearby equipment such as pumps, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, lighting ballasts and other powered equipment. For this reason Bluelab recommend that you use an external surge protector for additional protection from possible electrical surges