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Bluelab Connect Product Suite

Stay Connected to your crop.
Have the ability to receive critical measurements wirelessly 24/7. 

Choose a Bluelab Connect device from the range below, download the FREE Bluelab Connect Software from our online support center, and you can start data logging pH, conductivity and temperature of solution from the grow site to your PC.

View the logged information on your PC, or choose the option to view remotely via the cloud from a mobile device or another computer. The real-time status of the grow system is visible 24 hours a day. No need to babysit your plants or rely on manual recordings of your readings. Watches while you sleep or tend to your plant's other needs.

Try out the Bluelab Connect software NOW! no, connect product required simply download the demo to see the features of data logging with Bluelabs Connect Demo program.  This quick download will show you a connect garden reading with Bluelab's Monitors and Controllers. 

The Bluelab Connect Range Extender is available when you need to extend the range between the Guardian Connect and Connect Stick.


Connect Products

These Bluelab instruments are a sensitive electronic devices, and can be affected by electrical disturbances or surges caused by the switching ON and OFF of nearby equipment such as pumps, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, lighting ballasts and other powered equipment. For this reason Bluelab recommend that you use an external surge protector for additional protection from possible electrical surges