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Bluelab Connect Range Extender
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Bluelab Connect Range Extender

Boost the wireless range between Bluelab Connect products.
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Boost the range between Bluelab Connect products

The Bluelab Connect Range Extender is required if you need to boost the signal range for wireless monitoring of your crop.

Simply plug into a power supply to use when there is a longer distance to cover between Bluelab Connect devices and the Bluelab Connect Stick. For extra-long distances multiple Connect Range Extenders can be used.

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  • International Power Supply included (may differ from image shown)
  • Increases range or signal strength to Bluelab Connect products
  • Installation instructions included
2 year guarantee for Bluelab Connect Range Extender
(proof of purchase is required)
Applications-Aquaponics Applications-Floriculture Applications-Greenhouse Applications-Hydroponics Applications-Indstry
Aquaponics Floriculture Greenhouse Hydroponics Industry
Connect stick getting started manual
Technical specifications
US-English-Flag  English

FREE Bluelab Connect Software available online
System requirements:
Microsoft Windows XP or greater for Bluelab Connect Software.
Internet connection for remote access & data logging to the cloud.

Positioning Connect Devices

Connect Software Troubleshooting


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