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Ensure your plants AND fish get the food they need at the right temperature.

Bluelab’s role in helping the grower is to provide equipment to measure and monitor water quality (temperature, pH and EC) in aquaponics. By checking these three parameters regularly, system knowledge and understanding of the inputs and reactions will be gained resulting in balanced consistent water quality. This is the major step in operating a healthy strong aquaponics system.
There are many factors effecting successful operation, system design, plant and fish variety, location and environment, fish food etc. All aquaponics systems however have one factor in common and that is the need for the water chemistry to be known and kept within certain ranges or in other words kept in balance.

A balanced system has several benefits over each method when employed by itself. The immediate benefits being:
A low water requirement, less than hydroponics and up to one tenth relative to aquaculture and soil grown crops.
It’s environmentally friendly. A fully contained zero waste system with no solution waste dumping or  runoff common to both AC and HP
Zero use of inorganic herbicides and pesticides sprays harmful to your fish
The benefit of growing two crops from the one system – protein and veges!
Aquaponics lends itself perfectly to small scale systems, this has led to a growing number of people buying or building an aquaponics garden to feed themselves and their families. The satisfaction of growing your own food coupled with the 100% knowledge that what you’re eating is healthy has certainly led to aquaponics popularity.


Bluelab Guardian Monitor
Bluelab pH Pen
Bluelab Leap pH Probe
Bluelab pH Probe
Bluelab Pro Controller
Bluelab PeriPod M3
Bluelab PeriPod L3
PeriPod L3 Power Supply
Bluelab Sample Pot

These Bluelab instruments are a sensitive electronic devices, and can be affected by electrical disturbances or surges caused by the switching ON and OFF of nearby equipment such as pumps, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, lighting ballasts and other powered equipment. For this reason Bluelab recommend that you use an external surge protector for additional protection from possible electrical surges