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Video Library

Watch our instruction videos so you can see how to operate, clean, calibrate pH or test conductivity for your Bluelab product.

If you need more help with one of our products, try downloading a user manual, searching our frequently asked questions or emailing our customer support team.

Bluelab Pulse Meter
Bluelab Guardian Monitor Cleaning
See how to clean and calibrate your probes to maintain accurate readings.

How to Measure with Pulse Meter

Bluelab pH Pen
How to set up for first use, hydrate the pH probe and calibrate.
Bluelab ppm Pen
See how to set up for the first use, clean and calibrate. The same steps can be used for a Bluelab EC pen.

How to Calibrate Pulse Meter

Bluelab Combo Meter Cleaning
Clean and calibrate the pH probe, clean and test the conductivity / temperature probe each month for accuracy