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Controllers & Dosers

Optimize crop performance with consistent, accurate nutrient management.

Our NEW pH controller automatically doses and monitors solution pH levels. Simply set and forget. The pH is taken care of.

The Dosetronic® Controller keeps tight control of your vital nutrient solution levels automatically so you have the freedom to tend to the daily needs of your crop. Available as a single controller, or choose the solenoid or peridoser kit for your system.

Bluelab pH Controller
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Bluelab pH Controller Connect
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Bluelab Dosetronic® Peridoser Kit - WEB SPECIAL!
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These Bluelab instruments are a sensitive electronic devices, and can be affected by electrical disturbances or surges caused by the switching ON and OFF of nearby equipment such as pumps, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, lighting ballasts and other powered equipment. For this reason Bluelab recommend that you use an external surge protector for additional protection from possible electrical surges